Did the FWPDA reorganize?

Yes, and here’s why: The Fort Worden Public Development Authority (FWPDA) reorganized to create operational structures that are better suited for addressing its two primary challenges: recovering from the financial losses caused by the pandemic and addressing the ongoing major maintenance needs of the 95-acre campus and its 73 historic buildings.

Under the plan the FWPDA retains its identity as a public entity governed by a board of directors and chartered by the City of Port Townsend. It downsized to a small administrative support group that focuses on holding the public trust and campus lease with State Parks, managing the leases with campus partner organizations, and passing through state and federal assistance for the Fort’s capital needs. Managing the campus assets will remain a priority for the FWPDA while it works with stakeholders to develop a new approach for this need. Hospitality services formerly operated by the FWPDA are now run by the newly formed local nonprofit organization Fort Worden Hospitality. FWH operates under the terms of a concession agreement under development with the FWPDA.  

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1. Did the FWPDA reorganize?
2. How exactly will changes to hospitality services and asset management address the financial challenges that face the Fort Worden campus?
3. Will the Lifelong Learning Center mission still exist for the FWPDA?
4. Does the new Hospitality Nonprofit have a mission statement?
5. Does the reorganization affect the campus partner organizations?
6. Can I get involved in the FWPDA reorganization effort as a community member